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Small update and ping

written on 2022-09-15 18:44

Ping? Pong!

Long time no read! After not-writing for a few weeks, maybe months already due to a lot of work in private like our car breaking down and a lot more stuff, I finally found some time to rust again.

Just this week I started working on a post about async/await and how it's a game-changer to a lot of us people from the C++ world. Also, I think I came up with a nice usage for it :) So, stay tuned!

Small update to the page

  • Well well, syntax highlighting now works properly, yay!
  • Also, everything should be even faster now, not that anybody noticed anything.

Syntax highlighting is powered by the mighty syntect, see demo below! :)

pub fn demo_function() {
  let _my_useless_var = 42;