The Iron Code



Mens sana in corpore sano

For a few years now, I have become addicted to a combat sport called Muay Thai, or Thai boxing. It is a full-contact combat sport that has its origins in Thailand and differs from Western boxing in that the use of knees, shins and elbows is allowed. Before the fight, both fighters do a special dance, the Wai Kru, to honor their trainers. What excites one about "such" a sport, one is often asked. There are many answers, for example: the escape from the complex everyday life into "simple" situations. Or also: the sporting demand to always give your best, the discipline in the preparation and the indescribable feeling in the competition itself. For me, it is a part of my life that I no longer want to miss.
If you want watch a few minutes of video, I can only recommend Best of Siam 2. It captures the spirit of respect and passion in powerful images.
Since I now notice the ravages of time on my body, I am in Muay Thai only as a coach. However, my attachment to Thailand and this sport, as well as the values it has taught me, will never end. For some years I have been practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a very methodical and logical martial art that is also comparatively gentle on the body. It keeps me fit and healthy and gives me the opportunity to recharge my mental batteries after demanding days in the development environment.